The Story of Elizabeth an Laura

Elizabeth and Laura two sisters with two completely different personalities. Laura liked playing Football whilst Elizabeth loved looking pretty and prim. One day Laura tricked here sister to put on a football uniform. Once she had looked at her self in the mirror she threw a huge tantrum and stomped off to her room. The next day there was no sight of Elizabeth in the house it was like she had moved out. Of course this wasn’t normal, usually she paraded round the house in her best dress. The next day was the same no sight of Elizabeth. Laura started to regret her choice of tricking her sister. Edventually Elizabeth came out of her room but she looked terrible. The next day every thing changed, there was no one parading around the house. Nothing was the same…


The adventures of Maddison and Matthew(Part 5)

image“Thanks for coming to help us save our father we really appreciate it I bet father will too.”said Matthew              “That’s ok I am here to help anyway your father is a great friend of mine.Come on we need to hurry he is getting worse by the minute!”

They travelled miles and miles through sun and wind; rain and snow; ice and water until…..

“ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhHhhHhhhhHhHH!!!!!!!!!”……   “What is it math, what’s wrong!”Said Maddison……….

The adventures of Maddison and Matthew(Part 4)

The next morning the venturing heroes set off to find the medicinal herb from the magic silent tree leaves that the king needs to get better.”Have you got all of your stuff?”said the doctor “Yes I think so…I am so exited Matthew aren’t you?”Asked Maddison.”Yes I can’t Wait to see the magic silent tree so cool”Answered Matthew “Come on lets go”said the doctor and they set of to find the magic tree. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The adventures of Maddison and Matthew(Part 3)








“What’s the magic silent tree?”said Maddison ……”The magic silent tree is ancient and beautiful,yet dangerous and hard to get to,if you are greedy well…the silent tree will seek revenge!!!!!”said the doctor running a bit out of breath “but we are only 10” said Matthew very scared”I’ll go”said the doctor with pride.”well count me in then”exclaimed Matthew . “Me to” said Maddison.

The adventures of Maddison and Matthew(Part 2)

Maddison quickly got dressed into her prettiest gown, that she new caught her dads attention, and then ran down the millions of stairs that the castle had along with her brother who was not as fast.SWG492 ordered 7-26 (6)

When they reached the king (their dad in this case) Maddison told Matthew to call the family Docter and tell him it was urgent. When he got there he said that the king was dying and the only way to save him was to find the leaves of the magic silent tree.


The Flame Tree (part 3)

As she sat there she started talking to the tree thinking it will answer back like the Flame Tree.

“I think you know how it feels to be lonely, huh.”

Waiting for a reply, she sat there but she never got one.

Just then she remembered the sweet poem her mother had taught her.

Who sat and watched my infant head
When  sleeping on my cradle bed,
And tears of sweet affection shed?
My Mother.

When pain and sickness made me cry,
Who gazed upon my heavy eye,
And wept for fear that I should die?
My Mother.

Who taught my infant lips to pray
And love God’s holy book and day,
And walk in wisdom’s pleasant way?
My Mother.

And can I ever cease to be
Affectionate and kind to thee,
Who wast so very kind to me,
My Mother?

Ah, no! the thought I cannot bear,
And if God please my life to spare
I hope I shall reward they care,
My Mother.

When thou art feeble, old and grey,
My healthy arm shall be thy stay,
And I will soothe thy pains away,
My Mother.

What will persuade the Flame Tree?

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The Flame Tree (part 2)

The Princess, running and crying at the same time, had hope in her talking friend, the Flame Tree. The Flame Tree was a beautiful tree with flowers that blossom in the moonlight. The flowers of the tree could do anything. Make someone happy, make someone free, help someone through thick and thin and even heal someone and that was just what the princess needed. Once the Princess got to the bright, life changing forest where the Flame Tree was, she sat near it covering her head between her legs.

“What has happened my dear child.” the Flame Tree said in a soft and affectionate voice

“My mother is dead and I need one, JUST ONE of your leaves to heal her before she is put into her grave.” said the Princess in a sorrowful way. “She is going to be put into her grave tomorrow, PLEASE!!!”

“I…I can’t, sorry child.”


Stomping of angrily and half upset she went to a lonely tree and sat against it. What will happen to her mother?

The adventures of Maddison and Matthew(Part 1)

“Maddie!” ……”Maddison!!!!” whispered  Matt162247effb546cb5c08d01f700b14b87hew urgently while shaking his sleeping twin sister “WHAT IS IT !!!!!!!!”…..”Oh its just you Mathew stop waking me up what is it this time!”                                               “Its dad, he is not very well, he told me to come and fetch you to help.” He answered                             “What your joking he is always getting ill and to be honest he is quite old if he dies we will have nothing left…if he dies he will tell the maids to take good care of us, but that does not help we wont be allowed outside, you know what their like they always persuade dad not to let us outside so we have only been outside once or twice so when he dies we will never go out we will basically  be prisoners!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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The adventures of Matthew and Maddison

Once apon a time there was a princess called Maddison and a prince called Matthew they were twins and they were ten, all they ever dreamed of was to leave the castle grounds and explore the world. To them life was boring and unpleasant they wanted to be treated like a normal boy and girl .People would not mind if they were dirty and they would not have to wear fancy clothes that were to tight. They were miserable they had to spend their ages from age 1 – 6 will they have to spend the rest of their life in the castle find out in part 1 of the adventures of Maddison and Matthew…

Cloud Tea Monkey dilemma

Later that day a sand storm swooshed up out of now where had they triggered of a trap or not? Once the sand storm cleared they started to make there way up the rocky slippery mountain. They were also starting to fall own!!! thankfully sonam was there to help tashi along the way eventually they saw a dense woods ” We have to go through are you coming with me?” YES!!!” yelled tashi as they went through they heard a strange noise…

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Cloud Tea Monkeys: Dilemma

As Tashi and Aunt Sonam woke up they realised something was very terribly wrong.

“Umm, where are we Sonam?”  Tashi said in a worried voice.

“I don’t know, it looks like a forest.” Sonam replied. Suddenly they realised something VERY important.

“The herbs we NEED to get the herbs and fast!” Tashi said through her crusty lips. “Why did i even try to get the herbs when we cant and wont be able to get back in time!” Tashi had tears falling down her cheeks.

“STOP Tashi!” Sonam shouted. “We CAN and WILL get the herbs and all you need to do is stay positive!” Tashi stopped sobbing, jumped up and together they journeyed through the dense forest. As they were walking through they noticed a waterfall as tall as a tree!

“What do we do now? Tashi said. They both stopped and thought what to do. Will they find the herb in time or not?…


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Cloud Tea Monkeys: Dilemma

“WHAT!” Shouted Sonam,”Where are we Tashi?” Realization struck them like a lightning strike as they found themselves in a dark, DENSE forest.                                                                                 “Seriously!” yelled Tashi,”ALL that climbing for NOTHING!!!” Tashi felt useless, she was beside herself with grief and self pity.                                                                                                                      “Come on!” cried Sonam,”The more you try, the more it brings you closer to your mother.” The weather was punishing torrential rain pouring down every quarter of a second. Slowly something came to Tashi’s blurred vision. Through the trees revealed the tallest most CLOUD TEA MONKEYSdangerous waterfall you could EVER think of. Could this be the end of Tashi’s mother’s life?


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My version of cloud tea monkey (Whole story)

CLOUD TEA MONKEYS“Hush my child lets go and get the medicinal cloud teaherb your mother needs to get
better but we need to hurry she is getting worse!”                                                                                    She called a gathering of the tea pickers .”Be quiet and listen, this has gone too far someone has to get the herb and on top of that the overseer will be here in less than a minute!” Silence filled the group of tea pickers .”I…I…I I’ll go.” Called an anxious voice from the back. “What Tashi she doesn’t even realise that she cant pick tea higher than her!”Exclaimed a voice from the corner “HEY” Shouted Sonam But Tashi was gone Sonam decided to follow her…

” Why are you following me!?” shouted Tashi ” I can tell you’re thirsty, take a drink.”                         ” Each step I take I’m getting further away from my mother to find that I have to defeat ancienttumblr_lform4utcf1qgxqibo1_500 monkeys… Lucky me!” The courageous pair journeyed mountains after mountains, rivers after rivers through showering rain, misty pathways and cold harsh nights under the stars. Until “AAAGGGHHH.” a  shriek from the back of Aunt Sonam came in pain and agony, as Tashi broke1 down and collapsed to the floor “TASHI” exclaimed Aunt Sonam…

After a long well deserved sleep, Tashi and Aunt Sonam woke up to an abrupt, loud sandstorm, swirling round and round against their faces. The blanket of sand that lay on Tashi and Sonam was cold, and uncomfortably scratching against their skin. Tashi and her loyal Aunt were frantically clearing away every last bit of sand that could be seen. Silence dowelled on the venturing heroes… EEE OOOO AAAA AAAA the silence was broken. Tashi and Sonam curled up together and looked up and found a large shadow towering over them as soon as the sand          cleared away Tashi let out a laugh “Ha ha ha” a small   monkey with yet a big shadow stood in front of them “Ha ha!”But tashi stopped laughing as the sand revealed not one but an army of monkeys…

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The Flame Tree (my own story part 1)

This is my first actual made up story by me on the blog so I hope you like it. Be free to ask any questions or comments about the story. 

Once there was a castle. In the castle was a family. In the family there was a Princess a Queen and a King. They were faithful and kind people. BUT they did have an ENEMY.

A witch. She hated the family. Ever single one of them. But to make the family weak she cast a spell on the Queen. The Queen was the family’s guide, hope, love she meant everything to them. The Queen lay there sick and ill. The next morning, everyone was awake early morning laying next to the Queens side near her bed except from the Princess, where was she and what was happening to the Queen?

The Queen was dying. Thousands and thousands of ambulances came and rushed in to save the her as every pump of her heart was slowing down. The ambulance, listening to her heart, stopped to talk about how her condition was.

“Welllll…..” stammered the doctor.

“Please tell me she is allright, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME, I WON’T BE ABLE TO LIVE!” yelled the King.

“Please, please, calm down your majesty.” the doctor said with his teeth shattering.


Backing away slightly from the king the doctor had struggles spitting out the words from his mouth.

“We…well, the Qu…Queen is umm….um”

“HURRY UP THEN.” the King shouted.

The King has never EVER been like this, he was always happy and cheerful.


BUT WAIT, we have forgotten about the Princess. She was listening to all this at the back of the room. She ran to her room and started to sulk. She new what could make her happy….The Flame Tree…..




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Cloud Tea Monkeys (Dilemma)

Tashi woke up. Everything was still… but a shadow lurking behind a tall tree alerted her to danger. Aunt Sonam was still fast asleep under the Palm tree. “Aunt Sonam, Aunt Sonam, wake up!” Tashi cried. But it was no use her Aunt was in a deep sleep. Tashi built up all of her courage and went and looked behind the tree. Behind the tree was a… RABBIT. The cutest Rabbit she’d ever seen. She breathed a sigh of relief. Suddently, Aunt Sonam woke up. Tashi explained everything. Aunt Sonam took pity on her and they both started there quest. It had been ages since they’d had water and it was starting to show. Tashi and Sonam wwre almost there which meant almost to the herb. But there was a bridge; a broken bridge. As Tashi took her first step a rope snapped. Tashi fell “Help me, help me!” she shouted. Aunt Sonam ran to help, and luckily managed to pull her out and tried to find another way across…

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cloud tea monkeys (build up)

In total silence Tashi and Sonam made their way up the hill. The village appeared to get smaller and smaller, Tashi took a deep breathe and began to speak.

“As I get further and further away, I think of my mum more, but I know this is what I have to do for my mother to get better.”

They had been travelling for half of the day. It was mid day and Tashi and Sonam were drenched with, Tashi was already regretting her decision of getting the herb, as they walked up the steep, grassy and tiring hill they saw the bush shake

“Tashi what are you doing to me, are you playing a trick on me?!?”

“NO,I would never hurt you!”

A rabbit jumped out. They both felt ridiculous. They carried on, they didn’t know what was more painful, the heat of the sun punishing them every step they took or feeling guilty for not being faster for Tashi’s mum. They saw a more textured type of grass, Tashi took a step. IT WAS A TRAP!… 


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Cloud Tea Monkeys /Dilemma

When Tashi woke up she was in a strange place because right in-front of her was a big,bulky LION! But at that moment Aunt Sonam was nowhere to be seen.A dust storm flew around Tashi as she anxiously shuffled backwards towards the edge of the cliff…

“HELP!HELP!” Tashi shrieked Aunt Sonam came running towards Tashi in Fury…Aunt Sonam TUGGED AND TUGGED until Tashi was safe and sound

“My child what were you thinking ?” Aunt Sonam exclaimed .

“THE,THE ,THE ,THE LION!”T Tashi stuttered and cried.

“Child what are you on about there is no lion .You must must be imagining things. After all you did have a nasty fall earlier.” So they carried on their journey through the dense forest…As the day went on Tashi and Aunt Sonam approached a hairy bulky shadow standing fight in-front of them…

“Ahhh,” Tashi screamed

“Help.” What ever could it be ?…

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Cloud Tea Monkeys (Dilemma)

While Tashi was anxiously trying to tug her way out of the trap Sonam ,on the other hand, had no care for Tashi any more,after quite a long time of tugging, crying and moaning Sonam gave up.

“What are we going to achieve by just tugging all day long, Tashi, your mother my sister is going to die, if we don’t get the herb she’s going to die so you get yourself out while I get it!”

Tashi started to make loud noises, screaming and crying trying to get Sonam’s attention, Sonam was trying to not face the fact that Tashi had to do this on her own. Sonam was running faster to get away, as Sonam got away Tashi got out without a scratch. Tashi caught up. They stopped.

“Aunt Sonam what’s wrong?”


Sonam heard quick movement. They saw someone move.SWOOSH! Something brushed past both Tashi and Sonam. Then something jumped right in front of them. It was a small male figure.

“Tashi stay still do not move a muscle!”

SONAM WAS TERRIFIED! Who could this figure be? 

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My version of Cloud Tea Monkeys (Dilemma)


Cloud Tea Monkeys book

Unknown to both of them, after their fatigued bodies had rest, they realised something outrageous. For a minute or two, Tashi and Sonam stood noiseless. They were confused about where they were, the ground they were standing on. Sonam fell to the ground and started to cry a childish cry. Tashi, with a tear drop coming out of her eye, stared with fear at Sonam.

“Aunt Sonam, don’t cry, remember what you told me.” said Tashi

Sonam quickly got up and wiped her tears.

“Your right.” Sonam replied.

Tashi and Sonam started to think what they could do. Suddenly a sand storm occurred. Tashi and Sonam held each other tight. Straight away Tashi had a sudden idea. She had just remembered she had been her before with her dear Mother. Trying to forget the thought that her mother was ill, Tashi eagerly told Sonam her plan. They walked and walked until they approached the bridge Tashi used to play on but it was BROKEN!!! They looked down unto the river under the bridge and saw that it was filled with alligators. COULD THEY GET OVER THE RIVER AND COMPLETE THE QUEST IN TIME TO SAVE TASHI’S MOTHER?!!!

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Cloud Tea Monkeys (Build up)

That had been yesterday. Now, boiling under the blazing sun. Tashi’s back began to ache from the weight of here basket. Tashi started to wonder whether this was such a good idea. “I’m glad you’re here” Tashi said looking at Aunt Sonam with her weary eyes. As day turned to night Tashi felt the cold air against her aching body. She collapsed with exhaustion. Sonam sat down beside her and with out realising it they both dosed off to sleep.

Read the original CLOUD TEA MONKEYS

Cloud Tea Monkeys

Chattering her teeth ,Tashi moved further and further away from home every step she took.

“I know your cold and hungry but that is just the way it is ,I’m sorry,” Aunt Sonam wept. Tashi and Aunt Sonam stepped in puddles of torrential rain, their feet were getting more and more drenched. Finally, at the crack of dawn they reached the top of the sloping mountain. Everything was still and silent accept for on thorny bush ! Tashi grasped Aunt Somam’s hand and closed her eyes tight…

Build up : Cloud tea monkey

That was yesterday. Now the punishing sun was beating down on them. Wiping  sweat of her forehead , Tashi started to regret the life stealing journey she was on. “Thank’s for coming with me Aunt Sonam ” exclaimed Tashi “She is my sister I will do anything to save her from dying.” As Aunt Sonam’s speech drifted away, the cracked rocks under Tashi’s feet started to fall , Tashi slipped of but Aunt Sonam grabbed just in time and dragged her back up “Aunt you saved me thank you very much ” said Tashi catching her breath back. They crossed valley to valley, village to village for nights. Finally they reached a platform “we will set up camp here ok ” Aunt Sonam asked Tashi “Fine by me ” Tashi replied. They set up camp and went to bed, the night passed and the burning sun came back to strike again then of they set on there adventurous journey.


Cloud Tea Monkey Build Up by Muhsin

Now, dying under the sweltering heat of the cruel sun, Tashi started to regret her decision,”Come on Tashi, don’t give up now!” explained Aunt Sonam, raising her hands in urgency,”This herb is the key to your mother’s life.” Tashi stomped away in distress, Sonam followed on. They plodded on all that day and the next, climbing mountains, crossing villages upon villages. Tashi, though finding it harder than she thought , pushed herself to the limit and didn’t give up. That night Tashi and her loyal aunt slept closely beside each other thinking about the treacherous journey ahead.

Cloud Tea Monkeys: Build up

Tashi  and Aunt Sonam walked up the mountain slowly as the rain beat down on their heads . Their shoes were getting wetter by the minute, as well as their clothes. Tashi got more tired than she ever had. 

“Are you ok? ” Aunt Sonam Questioned. ” Do not worry we ll find the medicinal herb that your mother needs soon.” 

Thy continued walking up the mountain feeling exhausted. Although finding it tricky Tashi took a deep breath, and carried on walking up the steep, slippery mountain. As they reached the top of the mountain and noticed a cave! This could be their stroke of luck…

My version of Cloud Tea Monkeys (build up)

Cloud Tea Monkeys book

           As Tashi and Aunt Sonam made their way to the sloping mountain, the rain punished them from every step they took. Her feet had pins and needles, shoulders covered with red marks. Tashi had finally regret the thought of her desire to be a hero. “I am glad you are by my side Aunt Sonam” Tashi said, but after a minute she put a miserable frown on her face. “Please child, you must not be upset, you must be strong, we can find this herd together.” With the courageous look back on Tashi’s face, she continued to plod on strong. They climbed the highest mountains, sailed the biggest seas, crossed valleys of flowers. As they went through village to village, gifted food was pressed into Tashi’s and Sonam’s hands by the kind village people. The only thing they needed now was rest so they relaxed under the beautiful stars.

Tashi and the medicinal herb…

Sonam raised her hand for attention and silently stopped everyone’s voices. “Ladies, put down your baskets and listen. Tashi’s mother is ill – very ill, and she doesn’t have much time left. Somebody must go and find the medicinal her that she needs. Even if it means risking your life for her… even if success can not be guaranteed.” For minutes it seemed the world was dead…it seemed hours and hours had passed…then finally someone gave life back to the world. Tashi whispered nervously, ” I’ll go. She’s my mother, therefore it’s my duty to save her life.” There was laughter, but Tashi ignored the embarrassment and silently begged her aunt with her eyes to let her go…there was no response. Tashi knew that this was her responsibility. Tashi was packing her bags when, Aunt Sonam mumbled urgently, “If you die…it would be my fault. Right? And I can’t let that happen because you are important to me. Aren’t you? Please let me come with you!” Tashi gave a weak smile, and the two relatives set off…

A chilling doll story…! Part 1

Labouriously, delicate snowflakes danced their dance, for the first time in a year, through the misty whirling wind. Clouds of white candy floss cascaded over the dull town, like a plain blanket keeping a new born baby warm. Down a tight alley way, a young and inquisitive little girl came swiftly skipping, purposefully leaving deep imprints in the bright crunchy snow. In the middle of her little adventure, she came across a dusty blackboard that was full of chains of names-not only that but names of missing children and relatives. Carefully and skilfully, the brown eyed girl rummaged through her bubblegum pink coats pocket. Moments later, she pulled out a worn piece of chalk that was covered in dirt and rubbish. The adventurous girl decided to join the chain by writing her own name. A…l…m…a…. Her name was Alma. Suddenly Alma turned around to the sound of twisting clogs. Immediately, she shrieked as if in sudden danger! From a distance, she could see what looked like her reflection. Curiously, Alma started edging closer to the window shop. She started gradually wiping away the snow that was stuck on the window. Then she realised what she was staring at! Not her reflection, not somebody else’s reflection either! But a doll, and not just any doll either!. A doll that looked identical to Alma…

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All About Red Kite

Red Kite is certainly a challenging class! It can be difficult but it’s very welcoming and we have fun! Sometimes it’s hard but you get used to it eventually. In Literacy we have learnt about The Rocketeer, The Highwayman and currently Alma. We have also been learning about fractions, properties of shape, percentages and not to forget problem solving.

I hope you enjoy Red Kite!

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Hello world!

Welcome to your new blog

A few quick tips before you delete this automated blog post:

  • Make sure your first post is an exciting and engaging one!
  • Ask your children what they think of the blog and what they would like to see on it. Act on their recommendations.
  • Make sure your blog demonstrates to your children how much you personally love learning. Your example will be powerful.
  • Celebrate your children’s achievements and consider them the primary audience for this blog.
  • Use hyperlinks to connect your children with content from other classes around your school, other websites and other schools around the globe.

Commit these tips to memory and then delete them. They will self-destruct anyway if this blog exhibits any signs of being boring.

This blog will be what you make it. Enjoy!

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